Environmental Compliance Audit

Environmental Compliance Audits are independent, third-party evaluations aimed at identifying non-compliance issues with regard to applicable environmental regulatory requirements. These audits assist management to fulfill relevant legal and regulatory obligations and to eliminate or reduce potential fines and/or enforcement actions. Also, compliance audits may evaluate environmental policies, best management practices or corporate requirements and thus help to improve overall facility-wide environmental performance.

ENACON has conducted numerous environmental compliance audits at a wide variety industrial facilities ranging from single site audits to comprehensive compliance audit programs for multinational companies. Our professionals can assess environmental compliance status in a variety of media including air quality, water and wastewater, hazardous materials, wastes, environmental noise, specific restricted substances such as asbestos, ozone depleting substances, PCBs, etc. ENACON has found that Environmental Compliance Audits are often combined with Health & Safety Compliance Audit. We are more than capable of performing EHS audits.

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