Environmental Site Assessment

The primary goal of an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is to determine known or potential environmental liabilities associated with a property and to satisfy the Due Diligence requirements of a property transaction. The liabilities may be associated with past or present activities at the subject property resulting in adverse impact to soil or groundwater conditions, such as handling of hazardous substances or inappropriate waste management. Liabilities may also arise from current breaching of environmental regulations and the need to adopt measures to achieve necessary compliance.

Phase I ESA includes information search comprising of a physical site inspection and evaluation of all available environmental information and data resources. The results of a PhaseI ESA are to determine potential liabilities and if necessary to establish a basis for further environmental site assessment activities.

Phase II ESA is conducted to determine subsurface conditions via intrusive site investigation and if necessary provides information for additional assessment activities which may include remedial action.

The ESA may lead to a Phase III that qualifies the detected contamination by conducting a Risk Assessment, evaluates the appropriate Remedial approach for the impacted soil and/or groundwater or continues with Environmental Monitoring.

ENACON professionals provide clients with a comprehensive scope of Environmental Site Assessment services taking into consideration the client’s particular objectives and needs.

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