Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

In general, the Phase II ESA involves a focused soil, soil-gas, and/or groundwater sampling and analysis program. Based on the information obtained through the Phase I ESA (site geology, hydrogeology, nature of the anticipated subsurface impact, nearest sensitive receptors, potential migration pathways, etc.) and on the client’s particular objectives and needs, ENACON develops a site specific investigation strategy and sampling and analysis program, and selects optimal drilling and sampling techniques and chemical analysis methods.

ENACON cooperates with qualified and reliable subcontractors for field activities (drilling, sampling, surveying etc.) and accredited environmental laboratories acceptable by state environmental agencies for laboratory analyses.

Phase II ESA data are compared with the national environmental standards. The significance of detected subsurface impact is evaluated with respect to local and regional environmental conditions and the presence of sensitive receptors (e.g. groundwater or surface water uses, background environmental quality, proximity to residential areas, etc.).

As a final result of the Phase II ESA, ENACON provides the client with options and recommendations for follow-up activities (further investigation, Monitoring, Risk Assessment or Remediation) including an estimate of associated costs. This information may be used in negotiating the terms and conditions of a potential property transaction.

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