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Health and Safety Audit

Health and Safety Compliance Audit is an independent, third-party assessment aimed at identifying company performance and practices with regards to legal and regulatory compliance, best management practices, and corporate standards. The assessment covers the management system, working practices and procedures in relation to occupational risks, working environmental and workers’ exposure, machine safety and other aspects in relation to legal and other requirements. These audits also assist company management to achieve and maintain compliance with relevant regulations as well as to establish an effective safety programs to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Health and Safety Due Diligence Audit aims at identification of issues or areas of concern likely to cause significant future expenditures or representing potential liability for those involved in a transaction. Key health and safety due diligence topics include, but are not limited to, workers compensation claims arising from work related injuries or diseases, machinery technical conduction status, workplace conditions, working environment and workers’ exposure.

ENACON conducts every year a number of compliance and due diligence heaths and safety audits at a variety of industrial facilities, including automotive, chemical, electrotechnical and engineering plants, power stations or food processing plants mainly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ranging from a single site audits to comprehensive compliance audit programs for multinational companies. These audits are frequently performed as a part of combined Health & Safety and Environmental Audit. Health and safety compliance audit conducted by ENACON can be considered as the annual health and safety inspection required under the Labor Code.

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Occupational Risk Assessment

We provide our clients with a methodical support, training or comprehensive services in occupational risk assessment in relation to the obligations arising from the Labor Code and requirements of the relevant health and safety management system standards. A comprehensive risk assessment is an effective tool for the prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases. Decision making based on risk assessment is the most effective approach ensuring adequate protection of health of workers at effectively expended resources.

Risk assessment process in principle comprises:

  • Hazards identification
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Determination of measures to eliminate, reduce or manage risks

ENACON has developed a risk assessment software RIZIKA to support the risk assessment process and to allow for the appropriate follow-up risk management approach.

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