EHS Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits at Johns Manville in Trnava, Slovakia

For the company Johns Manville in Trnava, ENACON performs repeat environmental and health & safety compliance audits with respect to Slovak legislation. Johns Manville is the leading manufacturer of glass fibers for various industrial uses.

Environmental and health & safety audits of multinational automotive parts manufacturer

In cooperation with the worldwide consulting company Ramboll Environ (formerly ENVIRON), ENACON participates on regular EHS compliance audits of Czech and Slovak sites of the leading global supplier of technologically-advanced automotive systems, components and modules. These audits cover compliance with relevant national legislation as well as corporate requirements and standards. In addition, we are involved in creation of Czech and Slovak versions of audit protocols as wells as EHS support tools and documents.

EHS auditing for the U.S. Fortune 100 Multinational Manufacturing Corporation

The U.S. Fortune 100 Corporation has a complex environmental and health & safety auditing program. Globally, the Corporation works closely in this area with a multinational consulting company Ramboll Environ (formerly ENVIRON). For projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ramboll Environ contracts ENACON as a local partner knowledgeable of local EHS regulatory requirements. So far, ENACON has participated in EHS Compliance Audit of a manufacturing plant in Kolín, Environmental Compliance Audit of an operation in Olomouc (both in the Czech Republic) or Environmental Compliance Audit at the Corporation campus in Slovakia.

TRW environmental and health & safety compliance audit program

TRW Automotive, a worldwide automotive parts manufacturer with 200 sites around the world, has implemented a comprehensive EHS Audit Program primarily to reduce risks and liabilities associated with EHS matters, to achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable EHS regulations and to identify and share Best Practices in the EHS arena. This audit program has been developed by TRW in cooperation with the world's leading environmental consulting company Environmental Resources Management (ERM).

ENACON supports the program by conducting regular EHS compliance audit portions at all seven sites in the Czech Republic since 2002 and two sites in Slovakia since 2008 till nowadays. Until 2011 the audit program was worldwide under the umbrella of ERM. Starting 2012 the program has been managed by another multinational consultancy Arcadis.

EHS Corporate Compliance Audits at Carbon Black Plant

ENACON’s auditors as members of the corporate audit team participate regularly in complex EHS compliance audits at the Czech CABOT plant in Valasske Mezirici. The scope of the audits include legal as well as corporate EHS requirements and standards. In addition, ENACON has prepared and regularly updates for CABOT detailed audit protocols covering the all relevant EHS laws and regulations in EHS arena.

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