Environmental Audits (Phase I & II, Due Diligence)

Environmental Due Diligence Audits of Industrial Premises in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

ENACON is every year involved in a number of environmental Due Diligence audits of manufacturing plants and commercial facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In recent years, the audited industrial premises included for example manufacturers of various automotive parts, industrial laundry equipment, molds for injection molding, pins and needles, a pharmaceuticals and vaccines production plant, a facility for processing of aluminum and graphite, production of pet food, a chocolate factory, limestone quarries and cement works, complex purchase, a facility for collection and processing metal scrap and many others. Of the non-manufacturing sector, a trucks sales and service network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a portfolio of rental apartments, warehouse and logistics facilities and shopping centers, a portfolio of gas stations or a waste processing and disposal installations can be named as an example.

Due Diligence Audit of a Czech Leading Food Producer

In cooperation with the multinational consultancy ERM, ENACON’s auditors conducted an environmental due diligence assessment of the Czech food company involved in the production of cooled and canned food. The audit was performed on behalf of the leading Norwegian food company as a potential buyer. The audit included eight production locations and in addition to the environmental assessment it covered also basic assessment of health and safety practices and work conditions.

Due Diligence Audit and Intrusive Investigation of a foundry

Jointly with a Swedish consultancy Askengren & Co. ENACON completed due diligence assessment of the aluminum foundry in Caslav, Czech Republic. The facility was originally developed around 1960 as a trucks and buses repair facility. Given the historical site uses, soil and groundwater investigation was suggested based on the Phase I assessment. The intrusive soil and groundwater investigation was completed by ENACON directly on behalf of the potential buyer, the Italian manufacturer of engine parts.

Environmental and Key Health & Safety Due Diligence Audit of a Titanium White Producer

ENACON, as a supplier to the multinational consultancy ERM participated in a complex Due Diligence Assessment of the large manufacturer of titanium white and inorganic pigments. The audit covered evaluation of the potential environmental liabilities of the target site with respect to subsurface impact as well as evaluation of the compliance status with respect to environmental and health and safety regulations.

Due Diligence Audit in former Aluminum Plant

In 2014, ENACON performed a Phase I and Phase II assessment of the transport division of the former aluminum plant in Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia. The project was completed jointly with the multinational consultancy ENVIRON.

Environmental Site Assessments prior to Land Development

ENACON provides complex environmental site assessments of greenfield or brownfield sites intended for future commercial, industrial or residential development. These projects typically start with the facts-finding and research Phase I, followed, where relevant, by the intrusive site investigation (Phase II) to assess potential subsurface impact. To ensure the comprehensive land assessment efficiency of work performed, the investigation is frequently combined with the geo-technical investigation and the radon survey.

In 2008, ENACON started a successful cooperation with the Czech branch of Panattoni Europe, a commercial space developer, and since then we have completed for this client approximately twenty environmental site assessments (Phase I) of land intended namely for logistics development. Some assessments were followed by an intrusive site investigation (Phase II). Of the completed projects, we can name the recent assessment of a site in Dobroviz near Prague selected by Amazon for the construction of its distribution center and a subsequent pre-start environmental audit of the completed structure.

We have also completed several Environmental Phase I and Phase II assessments for residential projects of the Lighthouse Group or for industrial developments lead by CBRE or CTP.

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