Software & Data Processing

ENACON has developed its own software RIZIKA to support workplace risk assessment according to legal requirements of Labor Code. This software allows the user to effectively manage a risk assessment database, including sorting, selection based on defined parameters, re-evaluation and data retaining. The software can be also used for defining and tracking corrective and improvement actions, as required by e.g. OHSAS 18001 Standard.

To support a systematic approach towards EHS compliance, ENACON offers a software solution for managing legal and other requirements and obligations in the form of an editable SIS Database covering Czech and relevant EU ESH regulations.

ENACON also provides tool Software Toolbox Sanace that supports evaluation and interpretation of a site subsurface investigation and effective selection of the most appropriate remediation technique of a given location.

In the area of data processing and visualization ENACON provides wide scope of services comprising data capturing, analysis, processing and visualization including design, development and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) projects.

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