Management systems

ENACON helps its clients to implement, manage and further improve management systems in the area of environment and health & safety pursuant respective standards ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as well as specific requirements of parent corporations, which often go beyond those standards.

In line with the current trends and the focus on integral approach, ENACON encourages its clients and helps them to implement an integrated management system incorporating two or more management system standards. Integration of the management systems aligns all processes and procedures in one framework leading to simplification of documentation and increase of the overall effectiveness of a performance.

In the framework of the management system implementation ENACON offers to its clients an initial analysis of the compliance status with respect to legal requirements and evaluation of the actual management system maturity against the particular standards, development of the legal requirements register, identification and evaluation of significant environmental aspects and impacts and occupational risks assessment.

We also offer development of management system procedures and documentation or incorporation thereof to already existing management systems (e.g. quality management system), implementation of control procedures and methods for monitoring of the performance and efficiency of the processes and completion of the final audit of the management systems before the actual certification.

Management Systems Implementation - Projects

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