Contaminated Land

Over the last 100 years little or no consideration was given to environmental conditions associated with industrial activities in Central and Eastern Europe. Large areas of land have become contaminated due to these historical practices and also lack of environmental regulations. Even with new environmental regulations that potential for industrial activities to contaminate land are still present. The primary causes for contamination are material handling of hazardous materials, accidental releases and inadequate waste disposal practices.

Contaminated land impacted by hazardous materials may pose a risk to human health and/or the environment. However, even if the impact does not represent an immediate threat, until the contamination is either mitigated or remediated, the land use may be severely restricted. Therefore contaminated land represents potential financial liabilities to land owners, buyers or sellers.

To help the clients to deal with the contaminated land issues, ENACON provides a wide range of services including Environmental Site Assessments, Site Investigation, Risk Assessment, Remediation and Monitoring.

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