Environmental Due Diligence Audit

Complex environmental legislation may impose significant environmental liabilities on purchasers, sellers, lenders, banks or other parties involved in a business or property transaction. The aim of an Environmental Due Diligence Audit (EDD) is to identify and evaluate actual and potential environmental liabilities and risks associated with a property to be transferred and thus provide the clients with a baseline for decision-making and timely management of their risks during such a transaction. The first step of an Environmental Due Diligence Audit is a  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment eventually followed with a  Phase II Site Assessment.

ENACON conducts EDDs for single industrial or commercial properties as wells as being involved in large multinational deals that affect properties in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. An EDD performed by ENACON frequently includes an evaluation of compliance status of the transferred property and associated operations conducted at the site. ENACON’s staff has expertise to conduct combined Environmental and Health & Safety Due Diligence Audits.

Due Diligence Audits - Projects

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